Weekly talks about pollinators on Instagram

August 13 2020
17:00 Brasil time / 21:00 UK time
Live on Instagram @guardioesdachapada

What if all pollinators were in quarantine?

This is a new science communication and outreach initiative started by the Guardians of Chapada and Sertões, which aims to bring pollinators closer to the public by organising live events on social media.

This event is organised by researchers from INCT-IN-TREE (one of SUFICA partners), Guardians of Chapada and Sertões, PolinFrut and SUFICA (Fabiana Oliveira da Silva) and many guest speakers who specialise in pollinators and their management.

The upcoming talks will cover:

  • bee vectoring in agriculture (09/07)
  • vertebrate pollinators (16.07)
  • pollinator declines and pesticides (23/07)
  • toxic plants for bees (31/07)
  • invasive bee species and their impacts (06/08)
  • management of social and solitary bees for pollination (13/08)


Talks will be live on Instagram every Thursday at 17 Brasil time / 21 UK time