Sustainable Fruit Farming in the Caatinga – Second International workshop

October 1 2018
Santiago, Chile

On Monday October 1st, a launch event for the SUFICA project took place at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago. The event was opened by the College of Agriculture and Forestry Dean. The SUFICA project leaders presented the concept of ecological intensification (Dr Lynn Dicks) and an overview of the project (Dr Eduardo Arellano). Vinina Ferreira introduced us to the Caatinga. Other SUFICA researchers presented their previous work on bees (Dr Patricia Luiza de Oliveira Rebouças) and coffee pollination in the caatinga (Dr Fabiana Oliveira da Silva) and birds in Californian vineyards (Dr Andres Muñoz-Sáez).

On Tuesday 2nd October, the SUFICA team visited two grape farms in the O’Higgins region, demonstration projects for Dr Arellano’s work on enhancing biodiversity in intensive Chilean fruit farms. Find out more about this project here: