SUFICA seminar – How to protect biodiversity in fruit farms in the Caatinga

April 1 2022 - April 3 2022

In the food industry, sustainability is increasingly used as a measure of success and can help to reach broader markets and help secure additional finance. In this context, SUFICA project researchers and practitioners discuss the importance of integrating biodiversity in to fruit farms in the semi-arid Northeast-BR, in the Caatinga biome. In this system, many fruit farms provide habitats for biodiversity, including for birds, mammals, insects and plants, with the hope of also conserving important ecosystem services that support fruit production. We present the results of our biodiversity monitoring, and discuss some low-impact agricultural management practices that support biodiversity on farms and that can mitigate the effects of climate change and help these landscapes adapt.

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Program (in Brazilian time):


9h – Opening

Chair: Dra Fabiana Oliveira da Silva (UFS/ INCT IN TREE – Brazil)

The Experience of the Sustainable Fruit Management project in Caatinga – SUFICA. Dr. Lynn Dicks (UEA/Cambridge – UK), Dr. Vinina Ferreira (UNIVASF – Brazil), Dr Eduardo Arellano (PUC-Chile/ CAPES)


9:30 am – Thematic talks

Chair: Dr. Vinina Ferreira (UNIVASF – Brazil)

9:30 am – Low impact agricultural practices: sustainable alternative for fruit growing. Dr. Fabiana Oliveira da Silva (UFS/ INCT IN TREE)

9:50 am – Mammals and Birds from farms in the Caatinga. Dr. Andrés Muños Saez (University of Chile/CAPES)

10:10 am – Insects from farms in the Caatinga. Dr. Patricia Rebouças (UNEB)

10:30 am – Flora of the Caatinga. Dr. Lucia H. Piedade Kiill (EMBRAPA Semiarid)


10:50 am – Conversation circle: Lessons learned and perspectives on biodiversity conservation in fruit growing.

Chair: Dr. Patricia Rebouças (UNEB)

Participants:  representatives of the productive sector including:

  • Dr. Blandina Felipe Viana (UFBA/INCT IN TREE) – researcher
  • Gonzalo Neira (Primafruit)
  • Rosineide Parente (agronomist)
  • Karla Consuelo da Silva Andrade (EBFT farm)
  • Nuno Matos Braz (Guerreiro Farm)
  • Marcus Vinicius Furtado Santos (Santana farm)

11:30 am – Closure