SUFICA project launch and first international workshop

September 24 2018
Petrolina, Brazil

The SUFICA international team of researchers and fruticulturists met for the first time in Petrolina, Brazil, from 24th to 28 September 2018. In our first two days, we visited five participating grape and mango farms near the cities of Casa Nova (Bahia), Juazeiro (Bahia) and Petrolina (Pernambuco). We met the producers and discussed the project, and their management approaches in detail.

On Thursday September 27th, we held a public event at the University of the Sao Francisco Valley (UNIVASF) to launch the project. The SUFICA team presented lectures to publicize the project and start the process of integrating the scientific and local communities. There were 213 people present including students, researchers and producers. The audience was so big, we had to transfer to the university’s main auditorium.